European Society of Radiology


July 15 - 19, 2020

  • 100+ LECTURES
  • 2000+ MINUTES
  • ECR 2020 Online Ticket €350

It is the most pioneering congress in medicine, brought to your home live via ESR Connect – and you should not miss it!

Important Information

If you have registered for the ECR 2020 onsite event in March, you are automatically registered for the ECR 2020 Online congress (July 15-19, 2020).

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Live access and the possibility to collect CME credits during ECR 2020 Online
Access to the ECR 2020 Virtual Exhibition
On-demand access to ECR 2020 Online until December 31, 2020
Live and on-demand access to all ECR 2020 Highlights weeks taking place between July 19 - December 31, 2020

CME Accreditation

CME credits will be granted if
You have attended the session online via live stream in full length
You have fully completed the electronic questionnaire for each session you attended
You have complete the electronic "Overall Congress Evaluation" questionnaire


July 15, 2020
08:30-09:30BS 15a - Hybrid imaging
10:00-10:45Satellite Symposia
11:15-12:15E³ 120 - Artificial intelligence in radiology: the basics you need to know
12:45-13:30Satellite Symposia
14:00-15:00 SF 2a - Prostate embolisation
15:30-16:30SF 1a - Evaluating oncologic treatment response in clinical practice and trials
17:30-18:00Plenary Lecture
18:30-19:00 Opening and Awards

July 16, 2020
08:30-10:00Image Interpretation Quiz
10:30-11:15Satellite Symposia
11:45-12:15Plenary Lecture
12:45-13:30Satellite Symposia
14:00-15:00 SF 12 - Update in head and neck cancer imaging
15:30-16:30NH 13 - Alzheimer's disease and neurodegeneration: visualising the invisible
17:00-18:00E³ 320 - Artificial intelligence and translations to clinical practice
18:30-19:30CoV 1 - Non-pulmonary aspects of COVID-19

July 17, 2020
08:30-09:30BS 3 - Musculoskeletal: essentials of trauma imaging
09:45-10:15 ESR Meets: Messages from the Presidents
10:30-11:15 Satellite Symposia
11:45-12:15Plenary Lecture
12:45-13:30Satellite Symposia
14:00-15:00RC 1508 - Skull base
15:30-16:30SF 9d - Cardiac imaging to drive clinical decision making
17:00-18:00NH 17 - MRI of the future
18:30-19:30 COVID-19 (t.b.a.)

July 18, 2020
08:30-09:30E³ 518 - The role of radiology in the management of mass casualty incidents
10:15-11:00Satellite Symposia
11:30-12:30SF 7c - BasiCardiac for non-cardiac radiologists
13:00-13:45Satellite Symposia
14:30-15:30SF 13 - The abused child: the key role of imaging
16:00-17:00NH 16 - Lung cancer screening implementation in Europe: is it inevitable?
17:30-18:00Plenary Lecture
18:30-19:30 COVID 19 from Radiographers' perspective

July 19, 2020
08:30-09:30E³ 24C - Basics of breast MRI
10:00-10:45Satellite Symposia
11:15-12:15 SF 8a - How to diagnose and manage abdominal, retroperitoneal and pelvic incidentalomas
12:45-13:30Satellite Symposia
14:00-15:00E³ 218 - Pregnancy and postpartum abdominal acute conditions
15:30-16:30SA 9 - Immunotherapy: what the radiologist needs to know
17:00-18:00SF 5 - MRI of rectal carcinoma
18:30-19:30EDiR Session
19:40-20:00 Closing

Radiographers Sessions

July 17, 2020
08:30-09:30RC 1714 - Leadership and management in radiography
09:45-10:15EFRS/ISRRT meets (message from the presidents)
11:30-12:30RC 1614 - Practical computed tomography tips for radiographers
14:00-15:00BS 5b - Career opportunities for radiographers
15:30-16:30 RC 414 - Practical magnetic resonance imaging tips for radiographers
17:00-18:00 EFRS/ISRRT - Artificial intelligence and the radiographer profession
18:30-19:30 BS 16 - The importance of good patient positioning in imaging

July 18, 2020
08:30-09:30SF 7a - Addressing challenges in imaging of larger patients
11:30-12:30BS 9b - Bone health and osteoporosis imaging
14:30-15:30 EFRS WS4 - Public and patient involvement (PPI)
16:00-17:00 BS 17 - Communication as a safety tool
17:30-18:30 PC 9 - Postgraduate and speciality training for radiographers

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