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ECR 2020 Highlight Week #6

Paediatric / Children in Focus (supported by ESPR)

October 20 - 21, 2020


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Welcome to the ECR 2020 Online Highlight Week #6 on Paediatric / Children in Focus (supported by ESPR)

The ten Highlight Weeks are an integral part of the ECR 2020 Online experience and will take place in-between July and December 2020. Each week is dedicated to exploring a set of carefully chosen topics, a full schedule can be found here.

Live Sessions

Tuesday, October 20
17:00-18:00    SF 1b - CEUS in children
Wednesday, October 21
17:00-18:00   IF 8 - Medicolegal dilemmas in paediatric medicine
18:15-19:00   Paediatric - Live discussion


On-demand Sessions

E³ 123    Paediatric
E³ 526a Whole-body MRI in children
RC 212 Fluoroscopy: a mainstay state of the art in paediatric radiology
RC 512 Optimising the management of children with cancer: how to improve?
RC 1812     Imaging of frequent queries in children: an evidence-based approach
SF 9b Imaging of migrant and refugee children
SF 17b When stroke happens in children
IF 7 The patient journey: from foetus to adulthood
IF 11 Against all odds: bringing health care to children in low-resource areas
IF 12 The child as an individual: whose life is it anyway?



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  • 43 Lectures
  • 47 Presenters
  • 885 Minutes