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ECR 2020 Highlight Week #9

Professional Issues: from Education to Research

November 10 - 11, 2020


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Welcome to the ECR 2020 Online Highlight Week #9 on Professional Issues: from Education to Research

The ten Highlight Weeks are an integral part of the ECR 2020 Online experience and will take place in-between July and December 2020. Each week is dedicated to exploring a set of carefully chosen topics, a full schedule can be found here.

Live Sessions

Tuesday, November 10
17:00-18:00   PC 17 - Challenges facing the radiology workforce
Wednesday, November 11
17:00-18:00   C 14 - Clinical audit and the European-Basic Safety Standards (EU-BSS): where are we now?
18:15-19:00   Professional Issues - Live discussion


On-demand Sessions

C 1    The scholar and fellow's experience
C 2    Quality and standards
C 3    Imaging research: making the most of our opportunities
C 4    ESOR and its role in online education
C 5    What would the next generation of radiologists look like?
C 6    The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) as an instrument to develop a professional career
C 7    Why are research fellowships important for young radiologists?
C 8    ESOR one-year fellowship
C 21    Statistics resources for radiology research
C 22    How to organise research in radiology
C 23    How to get my manuscript accepted: tips and tricks from the editors
C 24    How to get my manuscript accepted: getting help from reporting guidelines
C 28    Value in radiology: in the eye of the beholder
C 29    Developing the next generation radiologist by targeting undergraduates
C 32    How to advance the academic ladder
C 35    ETAP 2.0: a certification of excellence for radiology training departments
ESOR    Education in research
ESR/UEMS    Visibility of imaging professionals in the EU
PC 5    Audit and value in clinical radiology: enhancing quality
PC 8    Patient engagement, visible radiology and eHealth
PC 13    Equipment purchasing decisions: a team approach
RC 405    Effect of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): moving patients' data across hospitals, regions, countries
EDiR 3    The Essential Guide by Springer and other new tools to prepare for the examination



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