Vienna waits for you


Join ESR Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger, on his journey through some of the city’s most famous sights. Here, you’ll discover that Austria’s capital is not only the home of European radiology, but also a treasure chest of culture, history, and art.


Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – The Third Man Museum
Harry Lime made the Vienna underworld famous in the movie The Third Man. We want to show you how much more there is to this classic film with a visit to the unique museum dealing with the movie, the time and the consequences of its production. Follow us into the dark post-war world and get to know an almost unknown side of Austria‘s capital.

Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – Leopold Museum
Regardless of where you are from, you have surely heard of names like Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka. All of them are on display with their works in the Leopold Museum in the Museums Quarter in Vienna. The director, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, will lead us on an exciting tour as we encounter uncomfortable chairs you cannot sit on, Death staring you in the eye, and a medicine picture that was lost but has now been reproduced and found.

Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – Vienna State Opera
Join Professor Fuchsjäger at the world-famous Vienna State Opera where he meets Director Bogdan Roscic for an interview. Listen into a conversation about classical works for young people and the controversial issue of directors theatre. Find out what new changes are being implemented and what’s worth visiting.

Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – Spanish Riding School
The Lipizzaner, the beautiful and majestic white horses, have been famous in Vienna for centuries. Their education, breeding and performance has followed the same tradition through all those centuries – a story of success that is told when visiting the Spanish Riding School. Come with us and get acquainted with these impressive beasts and everything that makes them famous worldwide.

Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – Austrian National Library
The Austrian National Library not only hosts the most tomes and digitized volumes within Austria, it also fascinates visitors with its outstandingly beautiful architecture, statues and frescos. Join us as we take a look at one of the oldest medicine books and talk to Dr. Johanna Rachinger about the management of ‘her’ library.

Wien, Wien, nur du allein – Vienna waits for you – Augarten
The wonder of porcelain! Learn about the manufacture of this fine craft at the Augarten, marvel at the pieces that are being made there and hear about why Empress Maria Theresia started to use porcelain as a means of sustainability as we look back at its rich history.