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ESR Connect.

Radiological education and entertainment at the highest level!

Exclusive live streaming of ESR events

Extended on-demand video library

Premium ECR topic packages

ESR Connect is the newest platform from the European Society of Radiology, providing you with educational and entertaining videos in the field of radiology.

It includes three channels: Live, OnDemand and People.


ESR Connect 'Live'

The Live Channel is where the ESR broadcasts the latest updates on radiology from all around the world. Join us for educational courses, interactive congresses, webinars and much more, all streamed live.

Coming this autumn, the brand new ESR Connect weekly sessions will provide state-of-the-art scientific content in an entertaining way. Join us every Wednesday night, to challenge your knowledge and update your skills in various areas.

ESR Connect 'OnDemand'

Missed a broadcast on the Live Channel? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just go to the on-demand section and re-watch whenever and from wherever you want.

Besides live session recordings, the On-Demand Channel also hosts our ECR premium content packages filled with scientific highlights from the latest European Congress of Radiology.

ESR Connect 'People'

From entertaining promotional clips and interviews with specialists to a look behind the scenes, the People Channel is where all the fun happens. 

Since its introduction at ECR 2019 under the motto ‘Be a star at ECR’, the channel has been a growing source for entertaining content on a lighter note.

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ESR Connect Weekly – Season 1

The Cube Expanded (Interventional Radiology)

Join us for the first six exciting cases that take unexpected turns. Contribute interactively and help us find creative solutions!
Your hosts: Dr. Maximilian de Bucourt (Berlin/DE), Prof. Christian Loewe (Vienna/AT)

Upcoming Live Course on ESR Connect

November 6-15, 2019

ESOR Courses for the European Diploma in Radiology